Lay Ministry Collection

Published on May 5, 2023

Lay Ministry Collection

The Lay Ministry Collection, for the support and training of lay ministry across the Archdiocese,  will take place this weekend May 6th/7th. This collection will replace the usual Share collection.  You can contribute to this collection online.

Archbishop Farrell has sent a letter to all parishes ahead of the collection here are some extracts from the letter:

“As we take up the Lay Ministry Collection, I am delighted to let you know of new developments. The first development is that the Archdiocese now has two Faith Development Coordinators, working in the Office of Mission & Ministry. One of these roles focuses entirely on Adult Faith Development and supporting Parish Pastoral Councils; … Another development is the support structure that is available to build new leadership potential in every parish and partnership of parishes through the diocesan Servant Leadership programme. This programme is aimed at building new capacities in our parishes for lay people to take a lead in a variety of team ministries. Emerging out of Building Hope, this initiative encourages lay people to hear a fresh call to actively serve in liturgical, faith-based and social outreach ministries…

I ask you to contribute generously to the Lay Ministry Collection this Sunday, knowing that you are playing your part in building this new future for all, in new ways enabling the word of God to spread

Wishing you every blessing,

+Dermot Farrell Archbishop of Dublin  ”