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Welcome to our Parish

The people of our parish show a .great pride in our Churches and parish and we hope to continue the excellent work of our predecessors and the various organisations and committees within the parish.

If you contribute to the life of the parish by attending Mass and other celebrations, give your time and talents as a volunteer in one of the many lay ministries and/or provide financial support. We would like to offer our sincere thanks and encourage you to continue to be part of our parish family as it grows and develops.

If you are new to our parish, you are very welcome and we invite and encourage you to reach out to us. Please contact any of our priests, our Parish Pastoral Worker or the Parish Office, all of our contact details can be found on the Contact us page, we would really love to hear from you and see how we can be of service to you.

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Mass Intentions – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 30th June 2024

June 28, 2024

Mass Saturday 29th June – Crookstown

Paddy Dallon (A)

Kathleen Leigh – Baronsland (Rem)

Paddy and Dinah Guing – Ballyknockan (A)

Recently deceased:  Kathleen Henry, Tim Riordan &Tony McNamee


Mass Sunday 30th June – Ballymount

 Recently deceased:  Kathleen Henry, Tim Riordan & Tony McNamee



William, Bridget and…

Athy Parish Centre

June 26, 2024

Kildare County Council grant planning permission for the development of Athy Parish Centre. On 1st August 2023, the Sisters of Mercy gifted their building to the Parish of Athy. This building was formerly known as St Mary’s Resource Centre at Mount Hawkins, near Athy Church. Permission has been granted by Kildare County Council to change…

Summer Dues 2024

June 26, 2024

The Summer Dues has become an  important initiative in recent years, helping to return the Common Fund to a healthy position, supporting priests in parishes, and sick and retired priests throughout the Archdiocese. The  Summer Dues has played a central role in restoring the priests’ stipend back to the level it was pre-COVID.…

Mass Intentions – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 23rd June 2023

June 21, 2024

Mass Saturday 22nd June – Crookstown

Annie (Nan) Ward (1st A)

Bridie Nolan(A)

William and Mary Keatley – Boakefield (A)

Winnie Corrigan (A)

Mairead Corrigan (Birthday Rem)

Martina Craddock (M. M.)

James and Kathleen Haslam (A)


Mass Sunday 23rd June – Ballymount

 Jack Dowling – Kilgowan (A)

Margaret Ryan – Ballymount (A)



Mass Intentions – 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sunday 16th June 2024

June 14, 2024

Mass Saturday 15th June – Crookstown

Nicholas Donovan – Burtown (A)

Gráinne Murphy (1st A)

Philip O’Halloran

Agnes Donoghue – Grangecon (A) and her husband Michael

Matthew Leigh – Ballymount (A)

Sarah Swaine (A)

Annie (Nan)Ward (Birthday Rem)

Jer Farrell (M.M.)

Paddy and Cora O’Dwyer (Newbridge) (A)


Mass Sunday 16th June – Ballymount 


Day For Life 2024

June 14, 2024

Day for Life Sunday is celebrated annually with a special message by the Catholic Church across Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. It is a day specifically dedicated to…

Mass Intentions – 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sunday 9th June 2024

June 7, 2024

Recently deceased: 

Mary Whelan (Chicago)

John Dooley – Castledermot


Mass Saturday 8th June – Crookstown

Cemetery Mass


Mass Sunday 9th June – Ballymount

Nan Ward (Birthday Rem)



Anne O’Brien (née Breen) – Calverstown (A)



Jim and Betty O’Brien (A)

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Ss. Mary and Laurence Church, Crookstown

Welcome to the Church of Ss Mary & Laurence in Crookstown, the parish church of the parish of Narraghmore.

Set in rural south Kildare, with it’s proximity to many fine receptions venues, the beautiful church of Ss Mary & Laurence is a popular church for the celebration of weddings.

The current church has been serving the parish community since the 1860’s. It boasts a stained glass window in honour of Cardinal Paul Cullen, who was born close by in Ballitore. St Laurence O’Toole, who is co-patron of our parish, was born close by, just outside Castledermot.

The faith community of Ss Mary & Laurence make every effort to ensure that our church is warm and welcoming for parishioners and visitors alike, your support would be greatly appreciated.


Saturday 7.00pm
Wednesday & Friday 9.30am
Holy Day Vigil 7.00pm

St. Ita's Church, Kilmead

Welcome to the beautiful Church of St Ita in the village of Kilmead.

St Ita’s is a chapel of ease of the parish of Narraghmore, having served the community here since the late eighteenth century. The faith community of St Ita’s are justifiably proud of our church, we strive to keep it in good order, warm and well presented. Your support would be very much appreciated.


Sunday 10.30am
Weekday - subject to change or cancellation without notice 10am

St. Joseph's Church, Ballymount

Welcome the church of St Joseph, Ballymount. St Joseph’s is a chapel of ease of the parish of Narraghmore. 

The faith community work very hard to keep the church in good order. Is is a vibrant faith community who take great care and pride in the church. Keeping the church well maintained both inside and out, with beautifully appointed grounds around the church. To the rear of the church is a very popular grotto to Our Lady.

Your support for the church of St Joseph would be greatly appreciated.


Sunday 8.30am

Church of the Blessed Trinity, Moone

Welcome to the Church of the Most Blessed Trinity in Moone. The church has been serving the faith community of Moone since the mid nineteenth century. 

Recently the church has been undergoing substantial refurbishment, both inside and out. Much of the work has been completed but more remains to be done;. Your support of this vital work for the preservation of the church would be greatly appreciated.


Sunday 12.00pm
Thursday 9:30am
Holy Day 11.00am