Gospel Reflection – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

We all love getting a nicely wrapped gift whether it is for our birthday or at Christmas. We open and unwarp the gift that has been kindly given to us. We thank the person who gave us the gift and we use it. Think how the person who gave us the gift would feel if we didn’t open it; instead we simply put it away and left it unopened. This is the situation that we are presented with this Sunday.

As it was with last Sunday, the gospel this Sunday puts before us again the message of waiting and asks how we are waiting.  A rich man, before he leaves for a business trip, calls three of servants and gives them each a sum of money. He gives them money according to the ability he sees in each of them. He simply gives them the money; he doesn’t tell them what to do with it or how to invest it. He trusts them enough to let them decided how best to use what they have been given. The first two servants invest their money and so double the amount given. The third servant, for whatever reason simply buries his money in the ground. When the man returns, he calls in his servants and asks them to account for the money he gave them.

This parable speaks to us of God and how God treats us. We have all been given gifts and talents by God. The important thing is not what I have been given, but how I use what I have been given. God calls us, God loves and as we see in this gospel, God also trusts us. Our talents are not just for ourselves; they are meant to be used to proclaim the gospel and build the Kingdom of God. Just think of the trust God has in each of us and the risk he takes with us. We are now living in a time when we are waiting for the Lord to return. This parable teaches each of us what to do during this time of waiting. We can’t simply sit, wait and do nothing. Our waiting is not to be idle or passive. We are to live our daily lives in such a way that we use all the many gifts and talents God has given each of us. In the gospel, the man not only gave his servants money, he also trusted them with a big responsibility. Jesus has given each of us the same responsibility. Through our ordinary lives and through the use of our gifts, skills and talents, we are to show that we too are faithful servants. When the Lord does return, each of us will be held accountable for the use of our gifts and how we have lived our lives.

May we choose the path and a life of faithfulness and fruitfulness which leads to blessedness and a share in God’s joy. May God say to each of us, well done, good and faithful servant.